Until meeting a monk who was willing to put up with my insanity and one billion highly disdainful questions about his beliefs, I had only heard of the Eightfold Path as one of the buzzwords on the teabags at Starbucks.  I had avoided even understanding anything about it because I thought it was just more Buddhist pop culture bullshit and I hate all that stuff.  The more society turns towards something the more I lean away (unless we’re discussing the Apple watch or fine espresso or, or or.. god I can be full of shit sometimes…. ).

I tried explaining this to him once, which didn’t go over too well:   “Upasaka, you know candy Dharma, the sweet stuff that feels good… and your making judgments about what works and what doesn’t from a naive and unwise point of view.   Open your mind and be willing to deepen your wisdom, Deep Dharma offers more than will ever fit on a teabag.   Take a look at the 31st practice, recognize that without effort and study of deeper wisdom we live in delusion.”

 Without making efforts to analyze clearly

Delusions we have and mistakes we commit,

Then even though outwardly practicing Dharma We still may perform many non-Dharmic deeds. For this very reason, let’s try to examine

Mistakes and delusions, the faults we possess, Then afterwards try to remove them completely — The Sons of the Buddhas all practice this way.—