The hardest part of understanding the fifteenth practice for me was “Just listening in silence and heeding his words, Bow in respect.”.  This is hard to do in real life when people stir up so much crap and we’re so often outnumbered by society.  I found that having this level of compassion started with simply having restraint.  I had to stop reacting before I could change the way I reacted.

I explained my struggle to a monk once and he had a clear response: “Upasaka, the more you sincerely practice loving-kindness, the more you will automatically respond in this noble way.  When you were born you arrived loving unconditionally, we must work day and night to return to that kind of pure love.”

He thinks it’s that simple.

~The 15th Practice of a Bodhisattva~

If in the midst of a large crowd of people someone should single us out for abuse, exposing our faults before all within hearing and pointing out clearly the flaws we still have, then not getting angry nor being defensive, just listening in silence and heeding his words, bow in respect to this man as our teacher — The Sons of the Buddhas all practice this way.