The Silence I Know

~Rutvi Padhy

That silence,
It sheds no tears at souls in shrouds,
That silence,
It watches the world in shreds,
That silence doesn’t complain,
It doesn’t blame fate,
That silence,
It silently endures the pain,
But no,
I’ve never known THAT silence…
Never known the silence that watches death,
Never known the silence in a victim’s heart,
Never known silence that’s lost its will to fight,
Never known silence that curbs it’s own rights,
Such silence,
Of course I’ve seen it,
Seen such silence in many eyes,
Yet such silence I’ve just seen,
Never known such silence in my life…
The silence I rather know,
That silence seems pretty different to me,
To me, silence is a varied dream,
In speechless lines, much it has taught me,
Silence has let me find myself,
To me, silence is an insight,
And be it the silence of misery or unspoken love,
Silence, it speaks much in every form,
Silence, it does convey a thousand words,
Silence makes me recognise the worth of voice,
Thus, when silence asks me a question,
When silence itself asks me my likes,
I tell silence what I’ve always known,
‘In the depths of silence, ‘ I quote, ‘it’s beauty I find…’