A year ago, I asked my team to come up with organizations that add more love to the world.  They found lots of them and we were all humbled by how many people and organizations do significant good.

We were searching for a way to add more love to the world, to give back all we’ve been given.  Eventually we voted and picked this cool place, Lambs Farm, as the organization we wanted to support.  I knew nothing about them, however I really wanted my people to be the one’s who picked and so I was 100% in.

We worked all year to prepare.  Our people held auctions and fundraisers and constantly increased the awareness of the cause.  The mission of Lambs Farm is:  “Helping people with developmental disabilities lead productive, happy lives and connecting with the human spirit in us all.”…  lambs farm

We have  a deep culture of giving; we all know in a deep and personal way that to have, we must give.

We closed the offices and rented a bus and almost a hundred of us converged on Lambs Farm to add more love, to give back to this amazing organization that does so much good.  We re-did a greenhouse, painted and landscaped for hours and hours.  We accomplished so much.. I just couldn’t believe it.   We brought a check for $10,000 with us,  the gifts of all our people pulled together.  check

At Lambs Farm, they create opportunities for their residence to work, be involved and find meaningful purpose.  The have lots of animals because as they explained “these people need unconditional love more than anything and what does that better than animals?”

They have a thrift shop and a bakery and a pet store and a small zoo.  All staffed with the most sincere and dedicated people who are radiantly proud of their efforts.

That’s where I met Magdalene…

Me:  “Hi, good morning”

Magdalene: “Hi, my name’s Magdalene what’s your name?

Me: “Tyler”

Magdalene: “I have a cousin named Tyler… he comes to see me and tells me I’m funny and beautiful”

Me: “wow, well you are beautiful, but I don’t know if your funny…”

Magdalene: “I am.  So funny.  So funny.  So, Tyler, why are you here?”

Me: “To add more love to the world”

Magdalene pauses in a reflective silence.  I wait.  She looks around.  She turns and walks away from me and goes to the back room.   I wonder if I’ve offended her somehow.

5 minutes later I’m looking around and she taps me on my shoulder and says: “me too”.

lambs farm group shot