People always ask me how I find myself in some of the situations I land in– the answer is simple.  I feel an obligation to see reality, regardless of how good or bad it feels.   If I witness the majesty of the world then I need to see the misery of it as well.


I came across some homeless youth using an American Flag to protect the from the wind while taking a walk thru the infamous “tenderloin” in San Francisco. I walked there specifically to see humanity in it’s raw form and to be reminded of how important my gratitude practice is.



Scenes like this one have me contemplating the profoundness of the social mess we are part of.  My friends often tell me it’s so depressing to them, they don’t want to see it.  I don’t feel that way– I feel most inspired and hopeful while witnessing humanity and then serving and giving back the best I can.


homeless 1
Serving comes in many forms.. for me just witnessing this reality reminds me of how much work we have to do and the American flag being used to shelter people in this way tells the real story.



As “Sad” as this is, I don’t feel sad.  I feel inspired and energized to be get into service with all my time, actions and resources and to add more love any way I can.


FullSizeRender 43
This is on the flagpole directly above the homeless folks. Ironic in so many ways.



We need not go anywhere to change the world.   Change the world from wherever you are standing.