“ …you must understand that whatever you take into your consciousness is going to be the determining factor in your life. You alone determine to what degree you will attain a deeper life.  If you wish to devote an hour to truth on Sunday it will certainly benefit you in some measure.  If you decide to devote an hour to truth everyday it will benefit you that much more.  If you decide that during some part of every hour of every day you will allow some truth to circulate in your consciousness there will be that much more fruitage in your life.  

 A consciousness imbued with truth becomes a law of harmony, not only to you but also to those who come in contact with you.  You cannot be the light of the world and keep that light hidden under a bushel basket.

 If you are the light of the world, the world beholds that light and benefits by it.  But you cannot be the light except in proportion as truth is consciously embodied in your consciousness.”   ~ by Joel Goldsmith from Living between two worlds,  June, 1932.