While teaching recently I asked the audience what joyful thing they wanted to do most with their money.

The answers were diverse and beautiful.  Maybe 50 people shared.. some stories were about travel, some about things they wanted or savings goal they had.  One guy shared his desire to make sure his family was taken care of after he dies.

It was remarkable what happened– it was as if everyone in the room aligned behind each persons intention and agreed to support them in any way possible to make it happen.

I agreed to answer the same question: I want to help people find a spiritual practice.  I’ll spend money, time and all my energy on it.  I don’t even care what the practice is, don’t care what the religion is.

The what doesn’t matter so much, the doing does.

To me, it’s as necessary as my next breath.

I really believe it all begins with invoking gratitude.  Listen to this: