funnyandcrazyadvertisinzaI’m in love with the creative…  I hate the status quo.

I wrestle everyday with how to authentically promote things.. ideas, beliefs, my company and our services… without being overwhelmingly egoic.  I’m more of an “attraction” rather than “promotion” guy…..  I’d rather tell you about my experience strength and hope verses tell you what I think you should do.

After all, what the hell do I know about what’s right, wrong, healthy or not for you?

In business, I’d much prefer to do an incredible job with whomever’s in front of me and have that person tell the world versus me telling the world myself…but I’ve found this too is idealistic and the middle path yields better results.

The people I hang with these days all seem to be trying to practice non-ego, keeping their personalities out of things and trying to check in on their motivations and intentions… finding authentic nobility is really hard.  I support them, but I don’t necessarily agree…. I think it’s a very fine line between a healthy confidence in your actions and abilities versus an arrogant misrepresentation of reality.

I think if you do an awesome job and help humanity as a result of your efforts, why not help as many people as possible—- ?  —–  and, to get to them, confidence and promotion are powerful tools.  People are very attracted to authentic confidence and creative promotion just plain works….

I search for ways to reach people in a unique way– for example, I really want my entire life to be used up for the good of people, I want to make a difference and help everyone I can get in front of.  This web site is an example of that desire– a forum for me to share and serve in a unique way my desire for us all to stand up a little more, help each other, be as fiercely kind as possible and find whatever path works best for each of us to feel real happiness.  great ad

I just ordered a kick ass new phone charger and it came with the best promotional approach I’ve come across in a long time;  nothing is better than authentic word of mouth advertising— it’s how great things are really built. And, nothing is wrong with a person or company actively inspiring people to spread the word.

I say, if you are awesome, it’s ok to be awesome.