Thich Nhat Hanh has lived in exile from his home in Vietnam since 1966.    His life and work have been dedicated to simple spiritual principles that have moved people and our collective consciousness unlike anyone I’ve known.


The amount of love added to the world as a result of this monk’s teachings and approach to living everyday is so huge I see it as infinite…


On his last day in Vietnam, Thich Nhat Hanh wrote in his journal:


  “If some day you receive news that I have died because of someone’s cruel actions, know that I died with my heart at peace.  Know that it my last moments I did not succumb to anger.  We must never hate another being.  IF you can give rise to this awareness, you will be able to smile.  Remembering me, you will continue on your path.  You will have a refuge that no other can take from you.  No one will be able to disturb your faith, because that faith does not rely on anything in the phenomenal world, when you can see that you are in everything and everything is in you. 


Long ago I read a story about a monk who felt no anger toward the cruel king who had chopped off the monks ear and pierced his skin with a knife.  When I read that, I thought the monk must be some kind of God.  That was because I did not yet know the nature of Great Compassion.  The monk had no anger to hold back.  All he had was a heart of love.  There is nothing to prevent us from being like that monk.  Love teaches that we can all live like the Buddha.”


Again and again today, I pause and bow to this very old man monk who needs all noble friends to be thinking of him and sending all the loving-kindness we have his way.   Join me, again and again.  _/\_