Bhante Sujatha, Subadrarama Temple, Sri Lanka, July 2013
Bhante Sujatha, Subadrarama Temple, Sri Lanka, July 2013

It is said that during the lifetime of the Buddha, as the first 60 monks set out to share the teachings of The Buddha, he asked each of them to commit to reflect upon 10 things throughout their journey.

The 8th one:

“Of Kamma I am constituted.  Kamma is my inheritance, Kamma is my origin; Kamma is my kinsman; Kamma is my refuge.  Whatever Kamma I perform, be it good or bad, to that I shall be heir”

Kamma ( or many of us know it better as Karma ), I believe, is not something you need to believe happens as a result of a past life or showing up in a future life….  It’s  not even something you need to believe in at all—

For me, it’s simply an awareness that for every action, there is a reaction– My noble monk  friend Bhante Sujatha ((of the Blue Lotus Temple and meditation center)) calls it boomerang karma.    boomerang-600x399

I see it everyday– negative things seem to most often happen to negative people.

Amazing things seem to happen to amazing people.

I’ve observed, when I serve others, others serve me.  When I help others, others help me.

When I’m kind, I receive as much or more kindness in return.

I think the Buddha’s words are dead on:  I am constituted by the reactions of my actions…  what I do today, what I focus on, what I show up in the world as, it will be clear and evident in how my tomorrow’s look.

Whatever I do in and to this world, I will be the recipient of down the road–  making my choices, intentions and actions of vital importance.



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